Testing 10 AI content detector tools against ChatGPT generated text

AI-generated content has revolutionized the internet and the way we use it. Texts, images and entire websites, artificial intelligence eveolved from exotic, to solid, day-to-day tool in content creation, automation and work. This technology use the power of machine learning and neural networks to generate text, that is completely readable and discriptive (nothing like Google translate in its early days), produce images and art, based on whatever user requirement or imagination, and even design entire websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We can safely say that AI is here to tray and its era just started. New technologies, tools and services that employ artificial inteligence and machine learning emerge every day.

This post will be part of a series dedicated to this topic and today i will use ChatGPT generated text and will test some services, which claim to detect AI generated text.

# ChatGPT query:

Write about the dangest of AI generated content.

# ChatGPT Generated text

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements in recent years, especially in the realm of content generation. While AI-generated content offers numerous benefits, such as increased productivity and automation, it also brings with it a host of potential dangers. These risks span various domains, including misinformation, job displacement, privacy concerns, and the erosion of creativity.

AI-generated content can be used to spread misinformation and fake news at an unprecedented scale. With the ability to generate text, images, and even videos that are convincingly realistic, malicious actors can manipulate public opinion and deceive people on a massive scale. It becomes challenging to discern what's real and what's generated by machines, leading to the erosion of trust in media and information sources.

Job Displacement:
The automation of content creation through AI technologies poses a significant threat to traditional job markets. Content creators, writers, graphic designers, and even video editors are at risk of being replaced by AI systems that can generate content faster and often at a lower cost. This could lead to unemployment and economic instability for many individuals and industries.

# Testing 10 AI content detection tools agains the above:

# 1. CopyLeaks (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Did not detected that the text is produced by AI.

# 2. Undetectable (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Successfully detected ChatGPT generated content.

# 3. Originality.ai (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Also detected that text is not human made.

# 4. Contentdetector.ai (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected


# 5. Writer.com (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Failed to detect.

# 6. Gptzero.me (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Kind of detected AI, but not definitely. This tool suggest that the example text have also human parts.

# 7. Scribbr (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

No confident result either.

# 8. Zerogpt (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Success at detecting artificially generated text.

# 9. Wordtune (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

Says its human text, but its not.

# 10. Crossplag.com (opens new window)

copyleaks ai not detected

AI content detected with confidence.

Good, i will sleep as a baby knowing that we - people still can recognize computer generated text .. for now!


By the way - the intro part of this post is AI generated and then tweaked a little bit here and there.

You can test those ai detection tools with it.